Benefits of a Health Coach – Become the greatest version of yourself!

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There are many that have walked the path of health & wellness alone though trails and tribulations, leading to some of the greatest lessons of experience. As with any voyage having a guide makes things much easier to manage and the learning experience more poignant.

Many people look at becoming healthy as a huge step into some healthy lifestyle whether the poor health conditions are self-inflicted or is just in their DNA. Whatever the case may be great health and the life one wants to live is all within one’s grasp. All they have to do is simply reach out for it.

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor helping clients feel their best through food and lifestyle transitions by creating individualized wellness programs to meet their clients needs. No topic is off limits relationships, career, exercise and spirituality all are just as important as the food we ingest.

Health Coaches often take a holistic approach on treating individuals which can better aid in a persons’ overall healing/homeostasis. People come from all walks of life and sometimes diet is not the main reason for illness, maybe a career change is necessary or closing the chapter to an unproductive relationship can be what’s needed.

Unique programs set up to fit any individuals special needs can be a life changing experience.

What does being healthy look like?

Being healthy has many faces, true health starts within. Happiness, freedom, loving relationships and a fulfilling career all add to or the lack there of can subtract from our health as a total. Many believe that just the physical appearance reveals whether an individual is in good health. This does hold some relevance it does not tell the complete story in most cases.

Many people have a glamorous beach body now but their lifestyle is totally out of sync and unhealthy, which can lead to serious health issues later on down the line. There’re countless cases where individuals living a so called “healthy lifestyle” end up suffering from illnesses like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Mainly because they’re not educated on what proper diet looks like or there is too much attention on physical appearance whereas what’s going on inside the body is purification and decay on a major scale.

That being said many people get “in shape” to meet a certain status quo not that this is wrong but the motivation is on a surface level IE a material thing. Just wanting to look good in a dress or bathing suit is incomplete health. True health and wellness involves the mind, body and soul when these elements come into balance the outlook on life itself begins to change. In many profound ways the capacity for information begins to broaden, the urge for purpose begins to deepen, an awakening happens that is different for every individual but necessary.

A lot of people pass away without every fully expanding their lungs or becoming the greatest version of self because of what they did not know.

Is a Health Coach necessary?

Having a Health Coach is not necessary but taking your health and wellness serious is. Many individuals continually promise themselves that one day they’ll start that health program, one day they’ll eat better, workout more etc. Whether it be doctor’s orders because of health issues, a New Year’s Resolution or the summer is coming lots of people make a halfhearted effort to take there health more serious. Without proper guidance from a seasoned Health Coach lots of these attempts at a healthy lifestyle fall by the waist-side.

Health Coaches embrace the holistic approach which is used for overall health and oneness of the mind, body and spirit leading to homeostasis. Homeostasis is the body’s maintenance (via the body’s physiological mechanisms) of relatively stable conditions within the body’s internal environment aka balance in the human body. Getting to this point is just the beginning and at this stage one can be assured the body is operating properly. With the guidance of an experienced Health Coach reaching homeostasis is a very achievable task, from this point through further coaching higher levels of healing and health can be achieved.

The individuals that will benefit the most from working with a Health Coach are those that are 100% committed to the program that is laid out. The individual has to be willing to work hard to get the results they set forth at the initial sessions.

Benefits of a Health Coach

Having a seasoned individual by your side when breakdowns occur are one of the many benefits to having a Health Coach. Being alone, missed guided or ill prepared in times of dismay can be truly devastating to a person life. Having a partner/coach to pick up the pieces and coach an individual through hard situations can completely change their outlook on life as a whole. Health Coaching reaches so many areas of life, diet is usually the easiest hurdle to clean. Cutting edge methodologies create a program that flow into a persons’ life if they are willing to put forth the effort.

Health Coaches organize group sessions that can enroll friends and family members into the possibility of changing their lifestyle for the better. A Health Coach has the benefits of a nutritionist, personal trainer, chef, herbalist and many other hats all rolled into one. It’s a much deeper connection than the average teacher-student, doctor-patient relationship. Also, the sessions don’t have to take place in the same settings. Many Health Coaches conduct sessions in coffee shops, parks, gyms you name it. A change of scenery can be very beneficial in keeping things new and interesting during the sessions.

Setting goals is a major part of the work done with a Health Coach. Holding the client accountable to reaching these goals is a major part of the agreement between the client and Health Coach, the individual must also agree to be coachable as well. Books, CD’s, DVD’s among other materials and gifts are used to assist in one’s journey to great health and livelihood goals. Studying and practicing these materials between sessions can help a client reach a new or rekindled a spark to life that is achieved through partnership, patience and love. No goal is too small, most of the time the small goals/achievements matters the most.

Teamwork makes the dream work

In closing I’d like to convey we all need someone to talk to and connect with on a confidential level. This can be enlightening in this day and age, a great pathway to joy and happiness which I believe to be one of our main purposes on this planet.

With that being said any inquiries comments or concern leave them in the comment section, We’ll be sure to reply at our earliest convenience.

Thank You for your time.

Found/Creator of and Health Coach

Rayvonn Mercado

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