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Welcome to our website we hope you found us in good health, if not… your journey to Well-ville begins now! The road to Well-ville can be bumpy but anything worthwhile is neither easy nor convenient . It takes a lot of work, effort and determination to achieve whatever health goals set forth. This is where character is built, where true strength is manifest along with the life that is most desired.

Taking control of one’s health is the most important way to gain control of one’s life, without good or at least functional health many of the day to day task would not be possible. Think about it, without one’s vision issues, ability to stand walk run knee or back pains, asthma all these ailments hinder one’s life or become a daily hurdle that has to be maneuvered around to live a productive life.

My father would always tell me “if you have your health you have all the riches in the world”.


To begin I would like to share a bit about myself and what led me down the health and wellness path. Since a young age there was always a willingness within me to be fit whether it be weight training or just living an active lifestyle via sports, biking, running etc.

Though I worked hard to become fit I did not have an understanding of how important the correct diet was. There was no correlation between the work I was putting in the gym and the food I was using to fuel my body. That being said I unknowingly created imbalances within my body that I’m still working and researching to level out til this day. I know firsthand the pains of arthritis, kidney & liver stones, bouts with stress/depression, etc.

For a short time I was a college athlete and in the best condition of my entire life but I still had counterproductive habits which led to my body and immune system tumbling down like a house of cards. There was times I couldn’t walk a flight of stairs without using the handrail to pull myself up and this was in my mid 20’s. With sports injuries, a frantic lifestyle and sub par eating habits I was constantly humbled by my body not produces the results I thought were possible even though I looked pretty good with my shirt off I was in bad shape.

I can still hear a Dr. jokingly say “ you’re too young to be falling apart like this” and I felt those words in my soul. So at that point along with the lost of a great friend/mentor due to colon cancer, I decided to become more proactive with my health. Reading as much information as I could touch, taking courses, attending seminars anything that would guide me closer what I felt was healthy state of being.

As I write this I am humbled by what I have learned thus far and anxiety because I understand it’s only the tip of the iceberg.


The fact of the matter is we as a society are not taught to be healthy, we are not taught to understand our bodies and the signs/alarms (inflammation, sore throats etc) it gives us when we are unhealthy and out off balance. This website is the ultimate hub for those who want to be proactive and take control of their health I want to help people because we are all the same. After searching for years to find answers to health questions that should be common knowledge I choose to take a stand for the people I love.

We all know of someone who is sick and the health industry has let them down or even killed them with clinical medicine and practice. We are here as community, as a support system when times get tough to guide each other with knowledge not only gathered on this website but a wealth of information that is within us all.

So let’s work together and let our brilliance shine through for all to bear witness and bask in.


The goal is to empower people to take their health into their own hands be proactive and powerfully use their available resources to create the life and body that they always wanted. Through providing a unique hub for health and wellness where people can come interact, engage & inspire each other to do anything in their life.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Rayvonn Mercado

Founder of Simplymakingchanges4life.com

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